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Passive Fire Protection

What is Passive Fire Protection / FireProofing

Fireproofing is an essential form of protection for all types of structures, including residential and commercial buildings, commercial ships and security chambers. Keeping your buildings and equipment resistant to fire damage is essential for protecting your home or business. Fireproofing is also commonly referred to as passive fire protection. As opposed to fire suppression mechanisms such as sprinklers and extinguishers, fireproofing is a way to contain flames at their point of origin prior to the use of suppression tactics. Fireproofing systems can prevent the onset of many common fires including gas, electrical and chimney fires. Many different kinds of fire retardants are available from suppliers, retailers and wholesalers. Lines of fireproofing products are distributed throughout areas and regions. For instance, cements and plasters are often manufactured to insulate parts of buildings that are susceptible to flames, like walls and ceilings. Other retardants, such as intumescent materials, are a common accessory used on structures and industrial equipment. Intumescent substances are special chemical coatings designed to expand when heated, thus making areas, where they are installed, more flame resistant. The installation of fireproofing is usually performed by professional fireproofing contractors. More information on the types of materials used and the rates charged by a fireproofing service, can usually be accessed on the company’s website and via telephone. Whether you want to retrofit your home during a remodeling project or are undergoing a new commercial construction project, properly installed fireproofing materials and equipment is an important step in preventing personal liability and also ensuring private and public safety.