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Peace of Mind in Fire Security 

Plastic Pipe Work

UPVC, PVC, HDPE, PP-R PLASTIC (and other plastics yet to be invented): Through drywall - Any type of plastic can be treated with a similar method.

If there is a 12mm+ gap around the pipe then a steel sleeve and fire wrap can be fitted. This will give up to a 3hr rating from both sides of the wall and will only slightly protrude from the linings (where as a collar is surface mounted). If the gap around the pipe is less than 12mm then a fire collar would be fitted. The pipe would be smoke sealed first with a fire sealant, then the correct size fire collar would be fitted, again being fixed with suitable fire rated fixings. Ideally a steel hollow wall anchor should be used but if the wall lining is 13mm+ then a twin thread hilo screw can be used (providing a much quicker install). If the pipe diameter is 50mm or smaller then it can be simply protected with a graphite charged intumescent sealant providing the wall lining is 25mm or greater.