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Peace of Mind in Fire Security 

Our Services

Design and Install

Shearer Contracting Ltd specialize in the design and installation (and occasionally supply if required) of many different passive fire systems. We have taken quite some time working with many different makes and models of products until we came to find the most suitable systems providing the best results for your different needs, whilst taking into account the installation parameters and being the most financially viable.

All your passive fire problems taken care of

  • Special fire barrier coating of Spray Polyurethane Foams
  • Experts at any fire separation
  • Building surveys and reports (soon to be certified to issue coc’s and wof’s) to any desired standard. (details below in annual inspections)
  • Cable trays with all types of cables penetrating floor slabs or walls in any building substrate (plaster board, concrete).
  • Fitting the correct fire collars or pipe wraps to any type of plastic pipe-work penetrating any structure. e.g abs, pe, hdpe, pvc, upvc to name a few.
  • Packing and sealing any steel pipe-work, insulated or not e.g chilled water, sprinklers penetrating any fire rated structure.
  • Infill and packing of redundant pipes/cable penetrations (to trafficable if required). Also catering to all odd shapes and sizes.
  • Fire wrapping and cladding duct work. Using compressed mineral fibre board where they cannot support fire dampers e.g kitchen extracts, stair pressurization etc.
  • Smoke baffles/partitions.
  • Seismic gaps ranging from 5mm to 1200mm wide by any length. Larger gaps can be specially crafted.
  • Repair and reconstruction of fire walls (even heavily penetrated) in plaster board or masonry.
  • Creating two way shafts or walls from only one side.
  • All penetrations from any service riser types.
  • Retro fitting solid core doors to satisfy the code by fitting smoke/intumescent fire seals, door closers, vision panels.
  • Experts at creating a workable system/solution close to certified test parameters where tricky situations arise to the acceptance to fire engineers.